Past Events


24 April. Bath, UK
Bath Abbey 1PM

20 May. Halifax, UK
The Square Chapel, 4PM

29 June — 3 July 20. Anaheim, California.
Guest Artist, California Music Teachers’ Association Convention
Recital: Friday, 29 June, 10:30 AM
Master Class: Saturday 30 June, 10 AM
Lecture: Monday 2 July, 2:15 PM: ‘Preparing Students for Secure & Successful Performances’
Info here.

September 29. Monkton Combe, Bath, UK
Bowerman Hall, Monkton School, 7:30 PM
Info here.

22 November. Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Sala Cecilia Meireles
Recital in memoriam Maria Clodes Jaguaribe


26 — 29 July. Chicago, Ill.
National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy
     Panel discussion on creating literature collections.

30 June — 4 July 20. Santa Clara, California.
Guest Artist, California Music Teachers’ Association Convention
     Solo Recital: 30 June, 10:30 AM
     Intermediate Master Class: (Date and Time TBA)
     Lecture: Preparing Students for Secure & Successful Performances (Date and Time TBA)

19 — 22 March. Baltimore, MD.
Music Teachers’ National Association Conference

7 March. Bath.
Maurice Ravel: Piano Concerto pour le main gauche seul. 

Bath Spa University Orchestra.


19 & 20 November. Princeton, NJ.
Guest Artist, New Jersey Music Teachers’ Association Annual Conference 

30 October. Rio Rancho, NM.
Maurice Ravel: Piano Concerto pour le main gauche seul. 
Albuquerque Philharmonic Orchestra, David Felberg, conductor.
V. Sue Cleveland High School Concert Hall, 4800 Laban Road NE
2:00 PM 

28 October. Albuquerque, NM.
Maurice Ravel: Piano Concerto pour le main gauche seul. 
Albuquerque Philharmonic Orchestra, David Felberg, conductor.
St. Therese Catholic Church, 3424 4th Street NW
7:30 PM

12 October. Bath, England. 
Michael Tippet Centre, Bath Spa University.
Musica Viva Lunchtime Recital

7 June. Bath. 
Michael Tippet Centre, Bath Spa University. 11:30 AM.
Lecture Recital: The Anatomy of Left Hand Only Piano Music. 

3 June. Bath. 
Recital, Bath Spa University Staff and Students. 
ath Abbey, 1PM.
Keith will play the Bach/Brahms “Chaconne”

24 April. Bath. 
Lecture recital: Jane Austen’s Music Notebooks. Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, for the Jane Austen Society of Bath and Bristol.

31 January. Albuquerque NM. Albuquerque Chamber Soloists.
Korngold Suite for Two Violins, Cello, and Piano Left Hand.
Sonata for Cello and Piano Left hand.


5 September
San Francisco, CA. San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Bay Area Rainbow Symphony, Dawn Harms, conducting
Maurice Ravel: Piano Concerto for the Left Hand

Workshop Tour
24 September.
 Heid Music. Madison, Wisconsin.
23 September. Heid Music. Appleton, Wisconsin.
22 September. Day Murray Music. Salt Lake City, Utah.

22 August.
Albuquerque, NM. New Mexico School of Music.

Workshop Tour
14 August.
 Strait Music, Texas.
13 August. Edmond Music, Oklahoma.
12 August. Menchey Music, Maryland.
11 August. Menchey Music, Pennsylvania.
10 August. Kennelly Keys, Washington.

19 April.
Albuquerque, NM. New Mexico School of Music.

1 April.
San Francisco, CA. San Francisco Conservatory of Music.
Pedagogy Class, Guest Lecturer.

31 March.
San Francisco, CA. San Francisco State University.
Pedagogy Class, Guest Lecturer.

23 March.
Las Vegas, NV. 
MTNA Conference Showcase with Diane Hidy.

10 January. 
Houston, TX. Sagemont Church, sponsored by Valentine’s House of Music.
Master Classes.

9 January.
Houston, TX. Valentine’s House of Music.
Teacher Workshop.


17 August.
Albuquerque, NM. Masterclass.
New Mexico School of Music.

6 July — 18 July.
Lindlar, Germany. International Piano Festival.
Recital. Masterclass. Lecture on Chopin Preludes.

27 June — 1 July.
Los Angeles, CA. MTAC Convention.
  28 June. Solo Recital. 2:30 - 4 pm.
  29 June. Showcase: Teaching the Chopin Preludes. 9:00 - 9:50 am.
  29 June. Small Coaching Session 2:00 - 3:00 pm. (Limited enrollment.)

24 June.
San Juan Capistrano, CA. 
John Perry Academy of Music Summer Piano Festival.
Recital and Lecture.

13 April.
San Francisco, CA. Recital.
Old First Concerts.
Stephan Smoliar’s preview of the Old First Concert.

6 April.
Albuquerque, NM. Recital.
Sunday Chatter.

2 April.
Los Alamos, NM. Recital.
Fuller Lodge.

16 March.
Albuquerque. New Mexico School of Music.
Teacher Workshop and Student Masterclass.

5 March
Birmingham, AL. Master Class.
Alabama Piano Gallery.

5 March
Birmingham, AL. Teacher Workshop.
Noteworthy Music.


3 October
Rome, Italy. Recital.
Concerti del Tempietto: The Music Festival of Nations
Teatro di Marcello

27-31 May.
Bath, England. Recording Sessions.
"Verbs", 24 Preludes for Left Hand Alone by Kathleen Ryan.
Monkton Combe School.

13 May.
Bath, England. Masterclass.
Monkton Combe School.

16 February.
San Francisco, CA. Masterclass.
San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Preparatory Department.

15 February.
San Francisco, CA. Recital.
San Francisco State University.

13 February.
San Francisco, CA. Pedagogy Class Guest Lecturer.
San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

11 February.
Fresno, CA. Master Class.
Fresno City College.

10 February.
Fresno, CA. Recital.
Fresno City College.


4 December.
Bath, England.
Recital with ’cellist Bruno Schrecker.
Holborne Museum.

3 October. CANCELLED
Pasadena, CA. Recital.

Pasadena Presbyterian Church, Music at Noon Concerts.

16 September.
Albuquerque. Solo and Chamber Music
Sunday Chatter.

19 August.
San Francisco. Solo Recital.
Old First Concerts, 1751 Sacramento Street.

2 June.
Koto Kinabalu. Recital.
KK Music Festival.

27 May - 10 June.
Malaysia. Workshops and Master Classes.
Detailed tour schedule.

17 May.
London. Solo Recital.
Steinway Hall, 44 Marylebone Lane.

17 April.
Bath, England. Solo Recital.
Holborne Museum, Lunchtime Concerts.

17 March.
San Francisco. Master Class
Sherman Clay.

11 March.
Mountainair, NM. House concert.
Studio of Kathleen Ryan.

9 March.
Santa Fe, NM. Solo Recital.
First Presbyterian Church, TGIF Recital Series.

4 March.
Taos, NM. Solo Recital.
St. James Episcopal Church, 208 Camino de Santiago.


23 October.  
San Francisco, CA.
Old First Concerts. Old First Church, 1751 Sacramento at Van Ness Avenue. 
Franz Liszt 200th birthday gala concert, an all Liszt program featuring artists from the Bay Area and beyond, including, of course, Keith.

12 October.
Lincoln, CA. 
Sun City-Lincoln Hills Community Association
Recital program here.

9 October. 
Church of Beethoven, Albuquerque, NM. 
Recital program here.

5 October.
Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos, NM.
Recital, Brown Bag Performances
Program here.

2 October.
Christ Lutheran Church, Santa Fe, NM.
Benefit Concert for Christ Lutheran Church.
Program here.

17 September.  
Sacramento, CA. Sherman Clay. Master Class & Lecture.
Master Class and Lecture for the Sacramento Chapter of the California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT). 

8 July. 
Lexington, MA. 
Temple Emunah, 9 Piper Road. Sponsored by Spectrum Music, 781-862-0088. 

7 July. 
Falls Church, VA. 
Columbia Baptist Church, 103 W Columbia Street. 
Sponsored by Foxes Music Company, 703-533-7393.

6 July. 
Greensboro, NC. Workshop. 
Moore Music Company, 615 West Market Street, 336-274-4636.

5 July. 
Madison, WI. Workshop.
Ward-Brodt Music, 
2200 W. Beltline Highway, 608-661-8600.

2 & 3 July. 
Oakland, CA. Music Teachers Association of California state conference.

2 & 3 June.  
Denver, CO. Colorado Music Teachers' Association Conference. 
Keith will perform a solo recital and give a master class.

8 April
Santa Fe, NM.
First Presbyterian Church TGIF Recital Series. Solo recital.

15 March
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.  
Guest lecturer for the Piano Pedagogy class.

12 March. 
Fresno City College, Fresno, CA. 
Master Class. (Co-sponsored by the Music Teachers Association of California, Fresno County Branch.) 

8 March. 
Mennonite Community Church, Fresno, CA.
Lecture, Fresno Music Teachers' Association.


29 October. Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Workshop, 10 am - 1 pm. Salisbury Musicroom, 5 Catherine Street. Phone 01722 322278 or visit the store to reserve your place.

28 October. Bristol, Avon, England. Workshop, 10 am - 1 pm. Bristol Musicroom, 30 College Green. Phone 0117 929 0390 or visit the store to reserve your place.

22 October. Bath, England. Keith will perform a solo recital at the Kingswood School. World premiere of Without a Trace, composed for Keith by English composer Beverley Flanagan. Program notes for Without a Tracehere.  REVIEW HERE.

10 October. Fresno, CA. Recital at Fresno City College, 4 pm.

26 September. Santa Fe, NM. House Concert (invitation only) at the home of Ron Grinage.

1 May. Bath, England. Larkhall Festival, New Oriel Hall, 4 pm. Keith will play solo and chamber music selections.

27 & 28 March.  Taos, NM. Taos Soundscapes Chamber Music Concerts at El Monte Sagrado. Keith will perform "Quintet in G Major" by Franz Schmidt, with members of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music string faculty. He will also play for solo LH "Verbs, Book One", by Kathleen Ryan.

20 - 24 March.  Albuquerque, NM. MTNA National Conference.

27 - 28 February.  Washington D. C. Levine School of Music.  Keith will teach master classes to pre-college piano students.


6 December.   Sanger, CA. House Concert (invitation only) at the home of Greg Lapp. Keith will perform a recital of piano music for the LH.

19 October.  San Diego, CA. Keith will present a workshop at Lovley's Music for the San Diego Music Teachers' Association.


6 Aug      Pecknel Music, Greenville, SC

5 Aug      Piano Solutions, Carmel, IN

4 Aug      Henri's Music, Green Bay, WI

3 Aug      Dietze Music, Lincoln, NE

29 July    Marshall Music, Torrance, CA

24 June – 18 July. Boston University Tanglewood Institute, Lenox, MA. Keith will be assistant teacher to Maria Clodes in the BUTI Young Artists Piano Program.

11 & 12 June. Alabama. Keith will be the Conference Clinician for the Alabama Music Teachers’ Association State Conference. He will give three different sessions for teachers on various teaching topics, and a Master Class with students.

31 March, 1 pm.MTNA Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. Keith will debut his new series of Beginning Books: Beginning Piano Repertoire, Beginning Piano Technic, and Beginning Piano Theory.

7 March, 10 am. New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas. Keith will give a masterclass to pre-college students.

21 February. Albuquerque, NM. Recital Hall, Robertson & Sons Violin Shop, 3201 Carlisle Blvd NE. Master Class and Workshop for the Albuquerque Music Teachers Association.

11 February. San Francisco Conservatory of Music, San Francisco, CA. Keith will be a guest lecturer for the Piano Pedagogy class.

3 & 4 January. Taos, NM. Soundscapes Chamber Music Concerts at El Monte Sagrado. Keith will perform in the Suite, Op. 23, for two violins, cello, and piano left hand, by Erich Korngold.


14 November, 7 pm. Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, 3700 Canyon Road, Los Alamos, NM. Keith will perform the premiere of Verbs, Book 2, by Kathleen Ryan, at the state conference of the Professional Music Teachers of New Mexico (PMTNM).

29 October, 10:30 am. Women’s Club of Arlington, Arlington, Virginia. Keith will give a Lecture Recital on piano music for the left hand alone for the Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association. Program here.

22 – 25 October.World Piano Pedagogy Conference, Dallas, Texas. Keith will present a workshop on Essential Piano Repertoire and speak about Piano Town in sessions on beginning methods.

3 - 7 August. San Diego, CA. Keith will be producing recording sessions at Kjos for new CDs with Diane Hidy.

29 July - 1 August. Workshop Tour

29 July: Tulsa, OK, Saied Music

30 July: Idaho Falls, ID, Chesbro Music

31 July: Clovis, CA, Gottschalk Music

1 August: Modesto, CA, Gottschalk Music

14 July - 18 July. Workshop Tour

    14 July: Bedford, TX, Mr. E’s Music

    15 July: Plano, TX, Keyboards Unlimited

    16 July: Franklin, TN, Music & Arts

    17 July: Jacksonville, FL, Music & Arts

    18 July: Ashburn, VA, A & A Music

27 June – 1 July.  Music Teachers’ Association of California Convention, Riverside, CA

Sunday, 27 April, 4 pm Keith will play a benefit recital for the Santa Fe Music Teachers' Association at Christ Lutheran Church. 1701 Arroyo Chamiso, Santa Fe. $15 general admission, $10 students/seniors. Program here.

Wednesday, 23 April, 5:30 pm. Keith will play a recital for the Santa Fe Symphony Musicians Circle -- a private event for the symphony's top donors.

Sunday, 13 April, 3 pm. Keith will perform left-hand alone music by Leopold Godowsky and Verbs, Book 1, which was composed for Keith by Kathleen Ryan. Kathleen will perform selections from the Davidsbundlertanze by Robert Schumann. Tranquillity Base, 2443 Jumano Trail, Mountainair.

Sunday, 30 March, 8 am. Showcase at MTNA National Conference. Keith will debut his new series, Essential Piano Repertoire.

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