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One of the most difficult questions for me to answer well is “What do you do?” I always have a moment of hesitation as I decide what to say first: pianist, piano teacher, or creator of educational materials for piano students (composer/editor/producer). What a mouthful! Plus, each requires some qualification if I really want someone to understand my career. 

I think of myself first as a pianist, then a piano teacher.  Everything else I do is in service to those ends.  Yet, I am most known for my published teaching materials.  I have been on stage speaking to piano teachers more times than to play a recital.  And, of course, if I say that I am a pianist first, then there are the details about my injury, the years of not performing, and the reemergence of my career playing piano music written for the left hand alone.

This web site puts together information about all the different aspects of my career.  I hope you may find it interesting to discover how I have used my gifts to contribute and celebrate my life as a musician.

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